Jim Ruiz Set Tunes Up for Final Shows in Minneapolis and Brooklyn

tuning 1

Thanks to an invitation from Gail O’Hara, the JRS postponed retirement last week, and at the same time scored a “natural” hat trick, by accepting an invitation to play Day One of CF 22.  This will be the third time in a row JRS has had the good fortune to be included on Chickfactor’s New York bill.  The festival of pop will take place in Brooklyn at the reliable Bell House, March 20 and 21.   An exhausted Jim reports “It’s been a goal of mine to play on the same bill as Amor de Dias ever since we first saw them play in Minneapolis three years ago.  Check another one off my bucket list!”  Also on the bill will be indie charm-eleons The Lilys, and from Scotland, youngish up-and-comers Withered Hand. Our Brooklyn squad will feature the mellifluous mallet work of Kim Serene and, filling in for her sister Charlotte, the equally talented Allison LaBonne on bass.

CF22 ticket links! March 20 & 21 The Bell House!

Day 1: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/488547?utm_medium=bks

Day 2: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/488553?utm_medium=bks

2 Night Pass: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/488565?utm_medium=bks


Sharing Bill with Bethany Larson and Bee’s Knees Coincides with Premiere of Newly Restored Video


Thanks to another invitation, this time from our friend Bethany Larson, we will be returning to the Aster Cafe this Friday, the 7th.   To coincide with our last show in Minneapolis, we are making available, for the first time, the director’s wife’s cut of the legendary Minneapolis video.  Mark Preston (The Funseekers – Northwoods Holiday, dir.) and his wife Anne, have cleaned up the video, and with the help of a technology I don’t understand, transformed this slice of Minneapolis life in the nineties into a quality that defies all description.  See for yourself!

Star Club Hoax Nets JRS 5,000 Euro Fine from EU


The European Union has levied a 5,000 Euro fine on the JRS for using the name of the Star Club without permission of its former owners.  In a letter written by EU President Herman Van Rompuy, and addressed to Jim, the Belgian chastises The Set for encouraging illegal immigration.  According to Jim “I guess the grey mouse wanted blood and made an example of us.  Imagine if the Beatles and The Big Three had this to deal with, the history of rock’n roll might be impoverished.  I still like his haiku though.”

Top ten things to know about tonight’s show at the Kitty Cat Klub.


  1. Yes, it’s free!  Thank you to all our fans for your support over the last two years.
  2. Set times, as close as I can predict… Syrup Eddies 9:30, Somewhat Fierce 10:30, Jim Ruiz Four 11:30
  3. Jim Ruiz Four song list will include, Neo-Acoustic Ambassador, Yes I Do, Will You Be There? Bigfoot, Uncle Wieney, Mij Amsterdam, Minneapolis, Stormtrooper, Glad They’re Gone, Wishing Her Away, Who Loves You Now? (Jazz Butcher,) Urban Gentleman, My Bloody Yugo (Click and Clack version.)  Thanks for your requests!
  4. We didn’t know that Rude Girl, Kinda Kinky and Blue Mondays would be playing on the same night when we booked the show. 
  5. Come early and stay late!  Syrup Eddies braved a blizzard to play this show.
  6. I found 10 copies of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? sequestered in my parent’s basement.  They are the last copies from the Minty Fresh stockpile.  We will be selling them at $10 a pop.  We will be limiting sales to 2 per customer. 
  7. Peter Anderson will be filling in for Emily on drums, no refunds will be given, see #1 above.
  8. Temperature at show time predicted to be -1 Fahrenheit. Temperature inside the Kitty Cat Klub – hot and steamy!
  9. Former LJRG member Allison LaBonne will join us on stage for Wishing Her Away, Chris Ruiz will not be joining us on stage this evening.
  10. Snow emergency rules will be in force, don’t park on the even side until 8 p.m. then you can park anywhere.  Cars need to be off the odd side by 8 a.m. “After a street is fully plowed, feel free to park there, even if Snow Emergency parking rules are still in effect. Fully plowed means the street is completely cleared and plowed as wide as possible. Plows may come through more than once, so make sure that it is fully plowed as wide as possible before parking.”


A Farewell Show for Our Fans – You Are All On the Guest List!

Mach Schau Jim Ruiz Four, Mach Schau!

The JR4 will be travelling to Germany in February to begin a one-year residency at the world famous Star Club in Hamburg.  According to Jim, “Horst Fascher and Manfred Weissleder, who own The Star Club, came to the Korda Showcase at the Cedar in Minneapolis.  One or two bands have been over, buzzing about the place.  So we all want to go!”   Continues Jim, “we don’t know exactly where we will be staying, but Horst assures us we will have two rooms, or at least that’s what I think Wandschränke means, at a nearby art movie theater he owns.  Sounds great!” Luftansa I

Auf Wiedersehen und Vielen Danke!

To say thank you to all of our fans, we will be playing two local shows before we depart.  Friday the 31st of January, we will be headlining our special FREE  Farewell Show, in your honor, at the Kitty Cat Klub in the Dinkytown neighborhood of Minneapolis with our friends Something Fierce and, direct from Chicago, The Syrup Eddies.    Seven days later we will return to the  Aster Cafe, the same intimate, albeit pricier, venue where The Jim Ruiz Set made their debut almost two years ago. This time we will be sharing the bill with the singing songstress from right here in Minneapolis Bethany Larsen and the Bee’s Knees.

Lufthansa II

End of  Triumphant Year Brings Top Ten Finishes

If the past year wasn’t sweet enough already, thanks to its early 2013 release on Shelflife, Mount Curve garnered top ten honors from Dave Heaton in PopMatters’ Best Indie Pop of 2013.  Bill Kopp also gave MCA a top five position in his end of the year.   Thanks Dave and Bill!

Day Before Yesterday, Day After Tomorrow and Today, more Great News for Jim Ruiz Set Fans


Celebration in jazzier waters at Jim Ruiz HQ; photo Alizon LaBonne 

Day Before Yesterday – September 24, 2013, a day that will live forever in Indie Pop hearts

Hear Mount Curve Avenue as our sound guru Allen Clapp truly intended, on vinyl!  Our friends at Shelflife Records yesterday, September 24, officially released MCA as a wax biscuit.  Order your copy and get the full sonic experience that so many of your hip stereophile minded friends are already talking about.  But if you live in or near the Twin Cities read on….

Day After Tomorrow – Brooklyn, London, Los Angeles, Chicago and now… Trempealeau, WI

This Saturday, Jim Ruiz Set will bring its dazzling live show to the land of beer, brats, cheese, and the Trempealeau Hotel, to help celebrate the 40th birthday of Jeremy Ackerman, Mr. Walker Kong himself.  Those who wish to buy their copy of MCA locally will get the chance to have the band scribble on their copy Sunday, October 20th at Road Runner Records (this is an all age event.)  We will be present, along with Korda label mates, The Starfolk, with sharpies in hand to give your copy the individualized look that makes your purchase so much more of an investment.  The band will also play a short set from our songbook….

 Today, Announcing the birth of Jim Ruiz Four! 

We are pleased to announce we have acquired Mike Crabtree as an official member of our musical team and will henceforth be known as Jim Ruiz Four.  Mike is a stalwart of the local music scene and along with session work with us, he has served his apprenticeship with The Contras and then The Carpetbaggers.  Mike has decided it is time to move his brand of “boss” guitar to the jazzier waters of the Jim Ruiz Four.

Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl! Jim Ruiz Set on Shelflife, a Bellows and a show in Chicago

 It’s summertime and the riding is easy here at Jim Ruiz Set HQ.  With the spring classics behind us we are heading into the most challenging time of the year.  The season has been a memorable one and we are pleased to announce three surprising and exciting new developments


Jim Ruiz Set wins Bellows for Mount Curve Avenue

Director Sportif Jim Ruiz:  “of all our palmares, I believe The Bellows is our most prestigious, awarded for ‘making a good CD’ and, notably, by a 10 year old.”  “Honestly, I’m tired of The Grammys, so many people win them!  It means a lot more to me to have The Bellows on my wall than some old statue I would have to dust all of the time”


Mount Curve Avenue now available for sale on Vinyl on Shelflife

Jim:  “we are very pleased to announce that a sponsorship deal with Shelflife will mean that Mount Curve Avenue will finally appear on vinyl.  We will be adding the Shelflife logo to our jerseys at the soonest opportunity.”  The first 150 will be pressed in light blue vinyl and are available for pre-order here.  Mp3s will also be available for download for those who purchase the LP record.  “I think I speak for everyone involved in making Mount Curve that we all felt we were making a vinyl album, it was what we were striving for and why we put so much effort into capturing the sound of that house.”



Jim Ruiz Set to play Chicago’s Schubas August 22nd

Jim:  “After a very good showing in Brooklyn, the Set is excited to test itself in Chicago.  We are familiar with The Starfolk but The Orange Peels are a bit more of an unknown.  It’s always fun to play Schubas so the venue shouldn’t have an effect on the outcome.”  Ticket’s are for pre-sale here.

All photos by famed French photographer Alizon Labonne

Orders received from chickfactor HQ, Jim Ruiz Set return to Brooklyn!!





Jim Ruiz Set will return to The Bell House on June 13 to play night three CF21.   This time we will be journeying ABBA like with Mike Crabtree rounding out our team.

The field will be strong, and we are honored to have made the selection.


Tickets are now on sale here http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3522564&pl=bellpl.

Three day passes available at time of printing here http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3522584&pl=bellpl

Going All the Way – Jim Ruiz Set to appear at the Korda Showcase in the 2013. Mount Curve Avenue now available on CD.

Jim and Emily in London with vegetarian roast beef flavored crisps. Photo by Gail O'Hara

Jim and Emily in London with vegetarian roast-beef-flavored crisps. Photo by Gail O’Hara

As Charles Bukowski famously said, “if you are going to try, go all the way… .”  In the 2012 Jim Ruiz Set certainly went all the way, thanks to kind invitations from chickfactor supremo gail o’hara, to Brooklyn, Los Angeles and then to London.  And thanks to the Eternal Friends, the generosity of the Ford family, the production wizardry of Allen Clapp and assisted by a cast of our talented friends the JRS birthed Mount Curve Avenue, the best record this two bit troubadour has ever had the privilege to work on.

Not a band to rest upon our laurels, we will return to the stage in early 2013 on Saturday, January 12th as part of the Korda Showcase night at The Seventh Street Entry.  This time we will have our talented friend and special guest David Hamilton behind the Vox Continental organ to boost our jazzy edge, while Mike Crabtree returns to lend his own brand of trebly twang with his tasty guitar leads and equally compelling jazz licks.  Peter Robelia and Brian Tighe, on trumpet and guitar respectively, will also be on hand to recreate those magical sounds they contributed last summer to our recordings, so don’t miss it!

Speaking of Mount Curve Avenue, the record has now entered the physical realm – in CD form at least.  Last week we received the first run of product from the local pressing plant.  We will have these available for sale at our shows for a very reasonable price as yet to be decided.

Jim Ruiz Set wishes you and all the ones you love a very happy and prosperous 2013.  We hope that along with us “you will ride life to perfect laughter.”  As Hank said, “It’s the only good fight there is.”

Jim Ruiz Set Goes Camping, Bandcamping!

Mount Curve Avenue is now for sale at www.jimruizset.bandcamp.com. Released 10/25/2012, as promised, Pacific Time. iTunes, Amazon, etc to follow soon.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Mount Curve Avenue – A Digital Release Statement from The Ledge aka “Rheezy” Ruiz

First Release Date – Eternal Friends via Bandcamp

Good news, MCA is completed and ready for release and the artwork is nearly there.  Jim Ruiz Set will begin “releasing” it this week!!!  And, here is how we intend to do it.

Eternal Friends will find an email in their inbox this week with a number and link included.  This link will bring them to our Bandcamp website where they will be able to download in the format of their choice, from mp3 to Apple Lossless.  They will also find our incredible artwork there, created by the demi-god of design himself, one A. Clapp, to print and use in a recycled jewel case if they desire to burn this bad boy to disc.  Other interesteds will be able to hear the album, but it will not be for sale. Read on…

An Album So Big It Requires Two Labels – Thus Far!

That’s right!  We are pleased to announce that two imprints will appear on the first pressings of  MCA, Mystery Lawn Music and Korda Records.  Mystery Lawn is run by our friend and producer, the aforementioned Mr. Clapp and Korda by our friends and musical collaborators here in Minneapolis.

Second Release Date TBA – The Digital Release Continues – iTunes, Amazon.jp etc…

Long suffering fans will be put out of their collective misery when MCA hits the iTunes store in the very, very near future.  Again, artwork will be included as a bonus track for those lucky enough to download this milestone in the history of popular music.


Jim Ruiz Set set to play L.A. Chickfactor Party Sept. 20

People and relatives in SoCal, we come to bring you our culture – and my parents!

It has been confirmed that Ernie and Bernie Ruiz will be flying to L.A. from Minneapolis to witness their son take the stage at the Bootleg Theater in beautiful Silver Lake on Thursday September 20th.


Courtesy of Liz Banfield Photography

If that weren’t enough, the delightful Kim Anderson  (pictured below on the left,) will be taking up lead duties for the evening on marimba and accordion giving the night a unique and special sound.

Kim’s old band the Tin Star Sisters scintillated Minneapolis and St. Paul, for a time, until the sisters parted for different destinies, one, drawn by the lure of Library Science to Gotham, the other, to the city of angels, by Love.


Other special guests that night will be the charming Stevie Jackson, The Lilys and All Girl Summer Fun Band aluma Kim Baxter.  Come early and stay late and help us celebrate the 20th anniversary of Chickfactor.  Don’t be left out in the temperate Southern California evening.  Purchase tickets here before it’s too late!


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