Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Mount Curve Avenue – A Digital Release Statement from The Ledge aka “Rheezy” Ruiz

First Release Date – Eternal Friends via Bandcamp

Good news, MCA is completed and ready for release and the artwork is nearly there.  Jim Ruiz Set will begin “releasing” it this week!!!  And, here is how we intend to do it.

Eternal Friends will find an email in their inbox this week with a number and link included.  This link will bring them to our Bandcamp website where they will be able to download in the format of their choice, from mp3 to Apple Lossless.  They will also find our incredible artwork there, created by the demi-god of design himself, one A. Clapp, to print and use in a recycled jewel case if they desire to burn this bad boy to disc.  Other interesteds will be able to hear the album, but it will not be for sale. Read on…

An Album So Big It Requires Two Labels – Thus Far!

That’s right!  We are pleased to announce that two imprints will appear on the first pressings of  MCA, Mystery Lawn Music and Korda Records.  Mystery Lawn is run by our friend and producer, the aforementioned Mr. Clapp and Korda by our friends and musical collaborators here in Minneapolis.

Second Release Date TBA – The Digital Release Continues – iTunes, etc…

Long suffering fans will be put out of their collective misery when MCA hits the iTunes store in the very, very near future.  Again, artwork will be included as a bonus track for those lucky enough to download this milestone in the history of popular music.


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  • wilonishi  On October 24, 2012 at 9:23 am

    Great news, indeed! Congratulations! Can’t wait to listen to it!

  • yoshi@japon  On December 2, 2012 at 2:35 am

    Bonjour Jim.
    Je viens d’écouter 14 pièces superbes.
    Surtout, Miss Fortunate et Schwinn Continental me plaisent bien.
    Je répéterais cet album toute la vie.

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