Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl! Jim Ruiz Set on Shelflife, a Bellows and a show in Chicago

 It’s summertime and the riding is easy here at Jim Ruiz Set HQ.  With the spring classics behind us we are heading into the most challenging time of the year.  The season has been a memorable one and we are pleased to announce three surprising and exciting new developments


Jim Ruiz Set wins Bellows for Mount Curve Avenue

Director Sportif Jim Ruiz:  “of all our palmares, I believe The Bellows is our most prestigious, awarded for ‘making a good CD’ and, notably, by a 10 year old.”  “Honestly, I’m tired of The Grammys, so many people win them!  It means a lot more to me to have The Bellows on my wall than some old statue I would have to dust all of the time”


Mount Curve Avenue now available for sale on Vinyl on Shelflife

Jim:  “we are very pleased to announce that a sponsorship deal with Shelflife will mean that Mount Curve Avenue will finally appear on vinyl.  We will be adding the Shelflife logo to our jerseys at the soonest opportunity.”  The first 150 will be pressed in light blue vinyl and are available for pre-order here.  Mp3s will also be available for download for those who purchase the LP record.  “I think I speak for everyone involved in making Mount Curve that we all felt we were making a vinyl album, it was what we were striving for and why we put so much effort into capturing the sound of that house.”



Jim Ruiz Set to play Chicago’s Schubas August 22nd

Jim:  “After a very good showing in Brooklyn, the Set is excited to test itself in Chicago.  We are familiar with The Starfolk but The Orange Peels are a bit more of an unknown.  It’s always fun to play Schubas so the venue shouldn’t have an effect on the outcome.”  Ticket’s are for pre-sale here.

All photos by famed French photographer Alizon Labonne

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  • Maz  On July 6, 2013 at 12:34 am

    That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

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