Day Before Yesterday, Day After Tomorrow and Today, more Great News for Jim Ruiz Set Fans


Celebration in jazzier waters at Jim Ruiz HQ; photo Alizon LaBonne 

Day Before Yesterday – September 24, 2013, a day that will live forever in Indie Pop hearts

Hear Mount Curve Avenue as our sound guru Allen Clapp truly intended, on vinyl!  Our friends at Shelflife Records yesterday, September 24, officially released MCA as a wax biscuit.  Order your copy and get the full sonic experience that so many of your hip stereophile minded friends are already talking about.  But if you live in or near the Twin Cities read on….

Day After Tomorrow – Brooklyn, London, Los Angeles, Chicago and now… Trempealeau, WI

This Saturday, Jim Ruiz Set will bring its dazzling live show to the land of beer, brats, cheese, and the Trempealeau Hotel, to help celebrate the 40th birthday of Jeremy Ackerman, Mr. Walker Kong himself.  Those who wish to buy their copy of MCA locally will get the chance to have the band scribble on their copy Sunday, October 20th at Road Runner Records (this is an all age event.)  We will be present, along with Korda label mates, The Starfolk, with sharpies in hand to give your copy the individualized look that makes your purchase so much more of an investment.  The band will also play a short set from our songbook….

 Today, Announcing the birth of Jim Ruiz Four! 

We are pleased to announce we have acquired Mike Crabtree as an official member of our musical team and will henceforth be known as Jim Ruiz Four.  Mike is a stalwart of the local music scene and along with session work with us, he has served his apprenticeship with The Contras and then The Carpetbaggers.  Mike has decided it is time to move his brand of “boss” guitar to the jazzier waters of the Jim Ruiz Four.

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  • Jane  On September 26, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    My head’s spinning. Congrats!

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